Anatoly Grigoryevich
6.11.1947 — 8.01.2021

Shiryaev Anatoly Grigoryevich — was born on November 6, 1947 in the city of Orenburg. The famous Soviet and Russian sportsman, an honorary worker of higher professional education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the author of more than 300 research, scientific-methodical, problem-solving works, a number of which were published abroad. He is the author of 11 popular and scientific books. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, EABA international category judge, Academician of the International Academy of Informatization, USSR Master of Sports in boxing, Honored Coach of Russia.

Anatoly Shiryaev
St. Petersburg, 2008
For many years he directly participated in scientific and methodological support of preparation of the strongest national boxers, and also was the consultant on problems of preparation of national teams of the USSR, the Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg, Orenburg and other cities and regions known by sports success.

The results of his scientific research, theoretical and methodological developments to this day are widely used in the practice of training athletes in Russia and other countries.

Spouse: Shiryaeva Natalia Sergeevna - design engineer
Daughter: Maria Shiryaeva - senior executive
Son: Shiryaev Alexander Anatolyevich - Russian film producer, director, and entrepreneur
Father: Grigory Mikhailovich Shiryaev - worker

Anatoly Grigorievich's family, left to right: Natalia Shiryaeva, Anatoly, Alexander Shiryaev, Maria Shiryaeva
April 1989
Anatoly Shiryaev was born on November 6, 1947, in the family of a worker in Orenburg, where he graduated from high school with a gold medal in 1966.

In 1968, he won the Alexander Nevsky Cup, thanks to which he was awarded the title of Master of Sports of the Soviet Union in boxing.

In 1966, he graduated from high school with a gold medal.

In 1970, after graduating from the Orenburg State Pedagogical Institute, he moved to Leningrad.

1971-1974 - Postgraduate student of the Lesgaft State Pedagogical Institute. Completed postgraduate studies ahead of schedule at the Institute for Physical Education and Sport, now Lesgaft University, and received the title of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences.

In 1975 he got the rank of the Judge of the Republican Category.

In 1978 he began working at St. Petersburg State University of Railway Transport. In 1980 he was appointed Assistant Professor of the Department of Physical Education, from 1994 to 2000 - Head of the Department.

In 1985 he got the rank of the Judge of All-Union category.

In 1992 he received the degree of Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences.

In 1994 Anatoliy received the title of Professor.

In 1994 he got the rank of the Judge of the international category.

Since 2000 he has been working at St. Petersburg State University as a Professor.

In 2011, Anatoly Shiryaev suffered a stroke and became disabled of the 1st group.

On January 8, 2021, after a decade of serious illness, Anatoly Shiryaev died.

Anatoly is buried at the Northern Cemetery in St. Petersburg.
Scientific works and books
Anatoly Shiryaev has published 107 scientific works, including: 6 monographs, 1 educational-methodical manual, 37 methodical developments and instructions. The results of his scientific researches are widely used in practice of sport training and university physical education in Saint Petersburg and Russia.

Total published books: 11.


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1982 «Л» Badge of Honor of the Executive Committee of the Leningrad City Council «For a great contribution to the development of physical culture and sports» (here - for scientific and methodological support of the educational and training process of the Leningrad national boxing team) № 494/ш — 6 August 1982
2000 — the badge of the State Committee of the Russian Federation on Physical Culture, Sports and Labor «Отличник ФК и С» № 12 224, пр.№ 309−0 — October 30, 2000
2001 Veteran of Labor (уд. Т№ 977 690 June 4, 2001)
2007 — Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation «Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education», № 1928/к-н — December 28, 2007

Anatoly Grigoryevich - referee at boxing competitions
November 8, 1982
Anatoly Grigorievich Shiryaev is the initiator of the movement "Combats in Human Education". The movement offers the systematic involvement of 11-15 years old young people into the Olympic martial arts with a number of goals, the main one being the education of the younger generation by means and specificity of martial arts, which have increased power and versatility of impact on the human body and psyche.

As a sign of special achievements in the field of sport and popularization of the region, the image of Anatoly Grigorievich Shiryaev is located on the wall of the state "Sports School of Olympic Reserve No. 3" in boxing named after Grigory Illarionovich Vasilyev, an Honored Coach of Russia.

An image of Anatoly Shiryaev on the wall of the "Sports School of Olympic Reserve No. 3". Anatoly is positioned in the center - in an orange sports suit.
Photo taken August 1, 2021